NCAA Football 09 anticipation continues.

NCAA Football 09Anticipation. Every year I live and breath for the latest, greatest version of NCAA Football. Some call it a sickness; I just call it an expression of joy. Either way, I think the game usually brings out the best in me, and for the site. I love to write about games, but these days it takes a lot to get me writing. You get fresh content; I get to pound down another High Life.

Bill Abner continues his entertaining look at NCAA Football 09.

“Well, in my Dynasty, Bradford’s 176.52 would rank him 6th. Not too insane but here’s the catch: In my NCAA test season, 24 QBs came in with a rating of 160 or higher. Last year in the Real World ™ there were THREE. It’s the same with QBs who have a 150 and up rating. It’s too high. It’s sorta stupid high, really. It’s like playing an NFL game and 3/4 of the league has a 90+ QB rating.”

I am trying really hard to keep to the “fun factor” experience, but like any man, I have my needs.

At the end of the day, I am a stats whore. I do want consistent gameplay; is it too much to ask the human controlled players can do what the CPU can do? In other words, screw the super human high jumping, lighting fast defenders.

I also want the game to be challenging, but within reason. The easy level should be straight forward; pretty much do what you want without too much of a fight. Progressive levels should be more challenging, without the CPU “cheating” – the AI should improve without anticipating the perfect defense or offense depending on the plays I call.

I want teams to simulate real life counterparts. Running team should run the damn ball, and passing teams should not 100% abandon the run unless they have a tendency to do so in real life.

I want the polls to be decent. This is very subjective, but is it that hard to put in a decent poll system. OK, really life notwithstanding, I guess I am asking too much on this one.

Finally, I do not want to spend all damn day playing with sliders. They should be available, but any slider adjustments should be meaningful and actually work.

I just need me a little bit of that and I will shut the hell up and just play the game.


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