Atlanta Falcons Day Two – Filling Out the Roster.

Day two of the draft is always a lot of fun, because you never know what you are going to get. Some teams try to fill their depth charts, some are hopelessly looking for an overlooked prospect, while others are merely filling out their rosters. The Falcons have so many holes to fill, that you have to hope they are filling out their depth charts and looking for an overlooked prospect or two that may be able to make an immediate impact.

  • Chevis Jackson (CB, LSU) – Round 3, Pick 5 (68): Jackson looks like a really good pick. I would not be that excited, except that starting for LSU in the SEC is close enough to playing in the NFL. Jackson will come in an make an immediate impact; if not as a starter, he will see time on the field in the nickel and dime packages.
  • Harry Douglas (WR, Lousiville) – Round 3, Pick 21 (84): This was a surprising pick for me. I thought Atlanta would concentrate on the offensive line, but Douglas should be able to compete for the number three WR position.
  • Thomas DeCoud (FS, California) – Round 3, Pick 35 (98): Another “need” position. It is hard to say if DeCoud will crack the starting lineup day one, but he will provide some depth and push Jimmy Williams.
  • Robert James (OLB, Arizona State) – Round 5, Pick 3 (138): Oh boy, another PAC-10 player. I do not see James contributing, much less making the team. There is no way he starts at any of the LB slots, and even if he moves to safety (as some sites predict), I doubt he will make an impact.
  • Kroy Biemann (DE – OLB, Montana) – Round 5, Pick 19 (154): At first this was a head scratcher, but the more I read about Biemann, the more I like him. I have no idea what sort of competition Montana plays, but Biemann could play on the line or as a pass rushing LB. He makes the team, and has a decent year as a special situation guy on passing downs.
  • Thomas Brown (RB, Georgia) – Round 6, Pick 6 (172): Let’s face it, muck like D.J. Shockley a couple of years ago, this is the homer pick. The only difference is that if Brown can stay healthy (Shockley could not), Brown will battle for the number three running back position on the depth chart, and he may see 1-2 carries a game. He will contribute immediately on special teams returning kickoffs. If Brown makes the team, it is probably bad news for Shockley. I doubt the team will keep two “homer” growth opportunities.
  • Wilrey Fontenot (CB, Arizona) – Round 7, Pick 5 (212): What is it with these PAC-10 selections? Fontenot does not have anything going for him besides speed. While speed kills at the college level, I do not see Fontenot making the roster unless he is some kind of special teams stud, which would be bad news for Thomas Brown.
  • Keith Zinger (TE, LSU) – Round 7, Pick 25 (232): The Falcons need all the help they can get on the offensive line. Zinger makes the team as the backup TE.

6-7 of the 8 Day Two picks will make the roster, resulting in an overall grade of a “B” for Day Two. Jackson and Douglas will contend for starting positions, while Biemann contributes, and Brown and Zinger make the team in special teams and backup roles. I was really expecting to see the Falcons go after a potential starter on the offensive line, but most of their picks do make sense.

Free Agent signings are next. Expect the Falcons to look towards both lines and another deep threat WR.


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