Kimi takes Spain.

A good day for Ferrari, with a nice one-two, but overall the Spanish GP was a rather lackluster race.

“It is a damning indictment of both the circuit and the sport that the Barcelona pole sitter has gone on to win the race in eight successive seasons. How can F1 expect to retain its global audience – the sport’s lifeblood – when it does not blanch at races being decided at the first corner and a two-hour procession being held in its wake? Adding a couple of corners that offer overtaking potential is not straightforward around Monaco’s residential confines, but there are no excuses for the current design of the Barcelona circuit, situated on a vast expanse of scruffy land many miles outside of the city limits, remaining fundamentally unaltered.”

Raikkonen now has nine in had to Hamilton, but it is a long season, with plenty of interesting crap … err … drama in store. Ferrari is also has the constructors by 9 points over BMW Sauber.

Between the draft and Ferrari running out front, it is hard not to make this a great Sunday.


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