Wii games scratch easily.

I was going to make a go of finding something really interesting video gaming related to comment on this morning, but I could not really find a damn that that was at least interesting enough to warrant a small comment, rant, gushing titillation, or downright disgust. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

As I sit here and write this, I have a stack of Wii games next to me that my kids say are scratched – they will not load, or they skip and crash at certain points in the game. The stack continues to grow. Wii Sports Resort, Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Madden 08. The Madden game is of small consequence – the boys already have Madden 10. The rest are somewhat concerning.

I order some Audiovox Surface SURF404 DVD/CD/Game Disc Scratch Repair Kit from Amazon to attempt to fix some of the discs, but no such luck. I am not sure if Wii games are just really easy to scratch or if my boys are really hard on their games. Maybe a combination of both.

If anyone has any suggestions on a really good scratch removal product or service, I am certainly open to ideas. I have asked my wife to call some of the local video stores to see if they offer any type of service. I would expect some of the larger stores to have some type of in-store service, at least for their own movies and games, to restore a scratched disk.


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