iTripping (Part I)

Earlier this week I purchased an iPod for my family trip to Disney. My wife’s van does not have an auxiliary port or tape deck, so I figured a FM transmitter was the best way to go. After reading the various reviews of the handful of products available the iTrip seemed to be the best option, even if it is not an ideal solution.

I have only tried it a couple of times, but so far it seems to work OK. It is kind of a pain finding stations that are all static and have stations on either side of their band that are also non-broadcast stations. According to the instruction manual this is the best way to enjoy my new iTrip.

My experience thus far was broadcast quality music (in other words, pretty much like an FM radio broadcast) with some static. It will be interesting to see how this handy, dandy device works while driving down to Orland tomorrow. I have a bad feeling that I am going to be switching stations left and right, and I am going to be listening to more static than music.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded, and I will be iTripping down the highway. Either way I will post an iTrip recommendation next week.


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