I don’t have time to drive a F2007.

This may be old news to some of you, but this weekend I ran across the following about the F2007 in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (GT5):

“first, this is indeed the Scuderia Ferrari F2007; second, that is the actual Ferrari red as sanctioned by the Ferrari team; and last but not least, the Ferrari F2007 will be available at all Gran Turismo Ferrari dealerships for 2 million game credits.”

I am not normally one for cheat codes and the like, but I doubt I will unlock the F2007 with conventional methods. I guess I am growing softer in my old age. There was a time when I would say that cheat codes were stupid or that you should have to unlock F2007 goodness. But not now. With a limited schedule of PS3 gaming time, I need to maximize my gaming time. I am probably not alone thinking that if I buy the game, the developers (and publishers) should give me everything in it, instead of having to play countless hours to earn the game’s main attraction. OK, I am a candy ass.

The same article also had this gem:

“you won’t be seeing GT5 full game for awhile, definitely not this year.”

If GT5P is decent, then this does not bother me that much because I will have to play forever if I want to drive the F2007. Besides, I am still waiting for a PSP version of GT. By the time GT5 is actually ready, they will probably just give it a new moniker.


3 thoughts on “I don’t have time to drive a F2007.”

  1. In theory, you could download a game save which has the car unlocked and import it into the PS3 with a USB drive.

  2. wco81 – Thanks for the links. I may have to “cheat” and download one just so I can try the F2007.

    I played the game a little last week before going out of country for a few days. More of the same, so depending on your opinion of the series, that is either good or bad.

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