MLB 08 The Show – RTTS Fun

To be young again. Thanks to MLB 08, a 21 year old me is trying to make the Atlanta Braves as a CF. I also picked 1B/3B for my secondary positions. The game, and in particular Road To The Show mode, is extremely addicting. Unfortunately I made a couple of mistakes.

While I played MLB last year on the PSP, but I have not played a console version in a while. Instead of spending a lot of time learning the game, I played a couple of exhibition games and jumped right into RTTS. This has been a problem because I stink at hitting and I cannot run the bases. If I were a pitcher, I would be in trouble because my pitching ability is somewhat suspect.

During Spring Training I did not get anytime in the infield, but started plenty of games. The Braves have me ranked 4/5 at CF, with CF being a moderately set position. Much like real baseball, it is frustrating when I get my hits; a lot of times when it does not matter. I guess I am not very clutch at the plate. It sucks for me when I have a goal to achieve and blow it, and then the next at bat I get a single. Very much like real baseball.

After my undisciplined spring at the plate, I considered myself lucky to land a 1 year contract for $30K to warm the bench for the AA Mississippi Braves.

Final Spring Training statistics:

27G, 85AB, 26H, .305AVG, 1HR, 6RBI, 2SB, 5CS, 3R, 1BB, 15K

The strikeouts and blunders on the bases hurt, but this goes back to two problems. Not have much experience with the game, and not having any discipline at the plate (I like to swing early and often).

My Scouting Report is not very encouraging; makes me wonder if I should try to give this baseball thing a go.

Overall D
Contact D
Power F
Fielding D
Speed C
Potential A

  • A clear step below average at the plate.
  • Not your man if you’re looking for a good average.
  • Not a long ball threat.
  • Solidly below average glove, keeps the official scorer busy.
  • His speed is nothing special, maybe less so.
  • As close to being a sure thing as you can get.

I was surprised that I quickly moved from warming the bench into starting in center. I guess the guy in front of me was not really much better. I will do some periodic updates until I progress further, or abandon this career and start over (after I actually know how to play the game).

RTTS mode is completely addicting. I am not sure when I last played a baseball game where I had that “just one more game” feeling, as I struggled to stay awake. Still early days, but MLB 08 looks to be a superb game.


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