Slow start(ers) for the Braves.

After Hudson, where else can the Braves turn for quality starts?  Sure there is Smoltz, but he is on the DL and likely injury prone.  If he does stay healthy, he will put up innings.  That would give us last year – Hudson, Smoltz, and pray for rain.

Glavine looks decent; he managed 5 innings in his first start.  Jair Jurrjens looks very impressive, and has a lot of upside, but he only managed to go 5.1 innings in his first start before tiring out in the sixth inning.

Last night Hampton was scratched before the game and is now on the 15-day DL.  Chuck James will replace Hampton, but guess what?  James is coming off the DL, and before the latest Hampton injury, James was going to be sent to AAA.

Jeff Bennett did a nice job as an emergency starter, going 6 innings, and only giving up 3 runs.

I know the season is young, but if the starters cannot stay healthy and provide quality starts, it will be an extremely long, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing season.


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