Sporting odds and ends.

Georgia ends the year #2 in the AP, while Texas makes it up to #10. Great for both programs. Bring on 2008!

The SEC had 9 Bowl teams, and posted a respectable 7-2 record (.777%). The Big Ten? 8 teams, with a 3-5 record (.375%). Do we finally get to put the “Big Ten is better than the SEC” or “SEC is over rated” crap to rest? Everyone should be scared if the SEC had a down year.

How does Goose Gossage get better each year? Or more specifically, how does Gossage pick up more votes each year? I read on that in 2000, the first time Gossage was on the Hall of Fame ballot, he received only 33.3 percent of the vote. Each year he has picked up a little more steam. Last year he fell 21 votes short. This year he picks up 85.8% of the votes. Why? Is he better now that he was seven or eight years ago?

Next year, Jim Rice needs 16 more votes to make it into the Hall. Does he make it next year because the voters have made him wait long enough? Seems rather ridiculous to me.

The Atlanta Falcons are going to get a pretty good pick, but how good? According to the Falcons’ website, they will get pick number three, four, or five.

“In short, the Falcons could pick as high as third or as low as fifth. According to rule, the teams will rotate through the third, fourth and fifth positions in subsequent rounds of the draft.”

I like Glenn Dorsey (LSU) and Darren McFadden (Arkansas), but both of those guys are going to be gone by the time the Falcons pick. I know a lot of mock drafts are going to show the Falcons going with a QB, but I do not think any of the guys this year are sure bets. In fact, I would say that the Falcons have so many holes to fill that there is no point picking up a QB in the first round. I say trade down and try to pick up depth and value. Atlanta is going to suck next year too, so they can take a chance on a QB in the 2009 draft.


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