Monday Ramblings

Turns out my mother-in-law already has a wireless network set up in her house. Who knew? She sounded a bit insulted when I said I was bringing my wireless router.

Although the score was much closer than the game, the Jaguars at least made it entertaining on Sunday. The Seattle game is looming very large. The Seahawks look very, very good right now.

The Houston Texans are the worst local team Ive ever been forced to watch on television. I had the Texans/Titans game on CBS. I actually did work instead of watching that football game.

The more I think about the No Fly list, the angrier I get. My wife asked me if they took me to some back room and interrogated me when they informed me of my exalted watch-list status. They didnt. In fact, the only reason I knew I was on the list was that they told me. Otherwise, things were the same except I couldnt use computer check-in.

What makes me angry is that while the airlines can apparently clear me to board a plane, this information has no impact on my status on the watch-list. My non-threat status isnt communicated back to TSA. TSA is the only unit that can clear me. So it ends up being a big hassled for people trying to get off of the watch-list in order to satisfy some government demands about ID certification. But that has no impact on my ability to fly. So why not just let the airlines clear me?

My years of service in the US Marines were not enough. I now must serve my country on the watch-list!


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  1. Seattle – I know their record says they are the top of the class in the NFC, but I just cannot picture them as being good. Granted I have not watched them that much this year, when I do they just do not impress me. I picture them going out in their first game or the NFC Championship.

    Sorry about the watch-list mess.

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