MLB 07 The Show (PSP) Season Simulation

While watching the Braves, holding Joseph, I decided to throw together a quick simulation of the 2007 using MLB 07. Kind of hard to play while holding a baby, so it seemed like a good idea to see how the Braves would finish out the 2007 season.  I started a new season, used the most current rosters available for download (I think they are dated Feb 27, 2007), and used all the default options.

There is probably not a whole lot of value here other than showing how this wonderful little portable baseball game can do a decent simulation (and a crazy CY Young award). I took control of the Braves; not that I planned to do anything, just wanted control of the team to watch injuries, view trade offers (I declined all offers), etc. Some interesting items of note follow…

  • NL Division Winners: Mets (93-69), Astros (88-74), Padres (101-61)
  • NL Wild Card: Phillies (92-70)
  • Braves (88-74) good for second in the NL Wild Card chase.
  • AL Division Winners: Orioles (98-64), Tigers (87-75), Mariners (83-79)
  • AL Wild Card: Yankees (98-64)
  • Interesting that Orioles and Yankees finished with the same record; same for Mariners and Angels
  • Astros win the World Series over the Yankees in 7 games
  • Team Totals: Yankees had the highest batting avg (.298); Red Sox scored the most runs (926); Red Sox had the highest R.B.I total (920); Padres had the lowest ERA (3.68)
  • Individual Totals: L. Berkman (HOU) had the best batting avg (.373); J. Jones (CHC) had the most hits (230); A. Rodriguez (NYY) had the most HRs (51); D. Ortiz (BOS) had the most R.B.I. (142); T. Glavine (NYM) had the most Wins (21); B. Wickman (ATL) had the most Saves (52); C. Young (SD) had the lowest ERA (2.78); J. Weaver had the most strikeouts (230)
  • NL MVP: C. Jones (ATL) .343 AVG, 46 HR, 118 RBI
  • AL MVP: D. Ortiz (BOS) .293 AVG, 50 HR, 142 RBI
  • NL CY Young: T. Glavine (NYM) 3.24 ERA, 21-3, 1.222 WHIP
  • AL CY Young: L. Castillo (MIN) 3.14 ERA, 18 wins (no idea how many losses), 230 K, 1.299 WHIP. Not sure how a 2B won this award.
  • I was awarded a 4% budget increase based on my solid season
  • Phillies offered to trade Barajas (C) for Langerhans (LF)
  • Red Sox offered Gabbard (SP) for Langerhans (LF)
  • Rockies offered Phillips (SP) for Soriano (SS)
  • Mariners offered Baek (SP) for C. Jones (3B)
  • O. Villarreal (RP) out 2-3 months with a shoulder injury
  • M. Gonzalez (RP) out for 1-2 months with a broken arm
  • All other injuries were listed as “a few days”

The actual simulation probably took about 10 minutes, but I did not do a good job of timing it between watching the Braves, and recording results here for your reading pleasure. The AL CY Young thing was crazy, but at a glance the simulation looks solid.


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