Let the 2008 Ohio St. pimping begin.

It only took a little over 57 minutes for the 2008 Ohio State pimping to begin. With 1:36 left in the fourth quarter, and LSU kicking the shit out of OSU (LSU 38 – Ohio St. 17) the FOX announcers started talking about how Ohio St. was a year early. Next year is going to be their year. Give me a f’ing break.

As I mentioned below, there is always some excuse for Ohio State, but it is never “we got beat by the better team.”

I just do not get all the love for Ohio St. and the Big Ten. The media seems to love both, and as far as I can tell, there was no clear logical reason why Ohio St. all of a sudden was the team everyone was picking to win. The so called pundits said the SEC was down. Not down, just damn competitive. Let’s be clear; it is damn near impossible to run the table in the SEC, which is a concept the media has a hard time grasping.

This Ohio St. team would not have beaten Georgia or USC, which makes the (former) number one team no better than fourth in the country, but they take a top ranking in the BCS because of media bias. Like it or not, the SEC is better than the Big Ten, and LSU is clearly better than Ohio St. Wait until next year? Sure. For another SEC Championship.

Final 2007 Bowl predictions: 24 – 8.


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