Cheap Cables

Last week I mentioned that I was surprised at the cost of high-end HD cables, so I did some research, and came to the conclusion that a $15 cable is almost as good as a $200 cable.

I decided to place an order with monoprice and I can report that the cables arrived quickly, and more importantly, they work great. I picked up a 6ft Gold Plated HDMI DVI (24AWG) cable for $15.77, and a “premium” 6ft (22AWG) RCA audio cable for $3.39. As I have mentioned several times, I am not a huge AV buff, but I think these cables give a great picture, even on SD stuff like History channel broadcasts.

Are the high-end HD cables from Monster and other vendors better than what I just purchased? While I have not done any sort of side-by-side comparisons, I would be hard pressed to imagine that my picture could be any better than what I am seeing right now.

The cables from monoprice are nice and think, look well shielded, and the connectors look very sturdy. I am going to place another order for my various analog cables used in my video game switch box to see if I can get any sort of signal upgrade.


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