Funny how you tend to remember stupid stuff. On my second business trip, for a long forgotten company called Still Current Design, my bag did not make it to Des Moines, Iowa. Delta delivered it to me later that day. All was right with the world.

Yesterday, on my “I forget how many business trip,” my suitcase did not arrive with me from London. Delta’s site just told me

Status: We have located your bag and it will be delivered to you within the time frame shown below
Delivery Time/Date: 11:30am–11:30pm, December 7, 2007

Hopefully it will arrive; much better to have a couple of days delay instead of being lost.

Good things come to those who wait? I forget the reason for writing this post, but I guess I am a simple man. If things end up OK, and I get my luggage tomorrow, all will be OK with the world. If not, well, Delta will just plain old suck.


2 thoughts on “Delays”

  1. Been a loyal customer of Delta for almost 20 years.

    Actually, like Air France a lot too, which is a part of Skyteam so I can get and use miles on both airlines.

    Once they didn’t have my bag when I landed and they got it to me the next evening.

  2. I am not so much loyal to Delta as I am a user because of business (my company always puts us on Delta). I have a 100K miles now, so hopefully I can cash them in on something useful next year.

    My bag showed up yesterday … see the next post.

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