PSP 3.0 Firmware Upgrade (PS3 Required for PSX Emulation)

I guess this is fairly dated; well, at least a few days old, but I find it hard to believe that Sony would finally pull off a major firmware upgrade that support PSX emulation, only to learn that you have to have a PS3 to download and transfer the games.  Talking about a major run-on sentence, and a major downer.  Several sites, including IGN, claim that Sony is working to ‘fix’ this problem ASAP.

It would open up a world of possibilities if I could play PSX games on my PSP, but it would royally suck if I have to purchase them again.  Still, for certain ditties – FF VII comes to mind, and maybe a solid NCAA 2000 title or a decent F1 game – I would shell out a few bucks.  Sony is just not thinking with a clear head if they think PSP owners are going to buy a $500-600 PS3, just to play PSP games on their PSP.  What are they thinking?


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