Delta Delivers

As I wrote last night, my suitcase did not arrive with me; it was left in London.  Lucky it was tracked, found, and was on it’s way back to me (see Delays below).

Last night someone showed up at the front door at 11:30PM.  Needless to say, in this day and age, you do not open the door for any old stranger that rings your doorbell in the middle of the night.  A nice enough chap, but he did not have a uniform, identification, or anything else to identify him as the Delta luggage return person.  Besides, he did not even have my luggage with him.

My front door is mostly glass, so there is no hiding my disdain as I shake my head and tell the dude that I am not opening the door.  He asks if I am expecting a bag from Delta.  Well that is a different story.  He tells me that he is going to get my bag out of his car.  I open the door, and the house alarm starts blaring.  Damn!

By the time I sign for the bag, the phone is already ringing with the alarm company.  I gave the person the wrong password. It is late; and maybe I have had a few cold ones.  At least that is my excuse.

The police show up a couple of minutes later.  I explain to the officer what happened.  He laughs it off, relieved that it is not the opposite of a false alarm.  Meanwhile the alarm company calls my in-laws, who are the alternative contacts for us, but I honestly am not sure why they would call the backups in the middle of the night if they get the wrong alarm code.

Too much adventure for a bag return, but at least Delta did deliver.


3 thoughts on “Delta Delivers”

  1. Good Grief – I can’t believe I’m reading your blog at 9:12 am on Saturday morning. How were the cold ones at Scruffy’s last night?

  2. I think flying out of Atlanta, you have a short flight but they won’t put you on the widebodies.

    I flew to NY and back a couple of weeks ago on DL, 767 both ways.

    But on the way out from SFO no IFE.

    On the way back, there was IFE and nice dinner with Godiva chocolate (was in business class).

    On IFE, there were a bunch of puzzle games which I looked up afterwards. Chainz 2 Relinked and Big Money. Addictive stuff.

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