SEC fans get trashy

Interesting article about the state of fan affairs in the SEC. First you have Ole Miss fans throwing all sorts of crap on the field after a seemingly bad call, and then you get Kentucky fans going all out crazy after shocking LSU, which to me is one of the more appealing aspects of college football. The craziness really is a mixed bag, but the writer is correct in pointing out that the SEC needs to get rid of poor fan behavior.

A suggestion for the SEC to consider: The next time play is delayed for removal from the field of even a single object from the stands, penalize the home team 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Second time it happens, penalize it 30 yards. If it happens a third time, eject the head coach.

And if it happens at the end of the game, as was the case at Alabama, assess the penalty on the first play from scrimmage in the next home game.

Oh, and a fine would be OK with The Dash as well. Whatever it takes to reinforce the quaint notion that it’s not permissible to act like spoiled 3-year-olds when your team loses.

As a Dawg fan, I also enjoyed reading the kind words about Mark Richt, but the picture of Yesica Toscanini probably makes the article worth a mention here. Wow!


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