More Sunday Racing

Jeff Gordon has to be one lucky son of a gun; that or Steve Letarte is a freaking genius.  Maybe a little of both.  Growing up, some of my baseball coaches used to say that “I would rather be lucky than good” – pretty much the situation at Pocono today.  Gordon wins a rain shorten Pocono race and extends his points lead.

Unlike the NASCAR Pocono race, the CART race at Portland was not in HD, which is always disappointing.  Once you start watching sporting events in HD, it is hard to go back.  I watch the first five minutes of the race because I read in the paper this morning that this would be the first standing start in a CART race.  Not sure what the big deal was, but figured I would check it out.  There was something like 17 cars on the grid; seems to me that CART must be on its last leg if they can only pull 17 cars in a race.

Next weekend we get LeMans and the US Grand Prix.  Glory halleluiah.  Should make for a fun weekend!


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