Monday night meltdown?

I just read that the Falcons are 9-19 (.321) all-time on Monday nights.  Make that 9-20 after tonight.  I am not sure how this one is sitting at 3.5 points.  I see something like 27-17 Giants.  Alge better ask Joey to throw him the damn ball … and when he does, he better catch everything thrown his way or he will come across looking like a big fat idiot.

Joey Harrington has not played that bad, but he is really in a no win situation now.  No matter how well he plays, he has to be looking over his shoulder at Byron “the number three QB” Leftwich.  After the last minute sub against the Titians, it is the worst kept secret in ATL that Bobby Petrino has to put in Leftwich or Petrino risks looking like a bumbling fool.

The season continues to deteriorates.


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