No doubt about it, the Falcons are … not so good.

For my Falcons preview, I predicted a 5-11 season, but after today’s mess at Tennessee, things look to be much worse.

Does anyone really think the Joey Harrington led Falcons are going to do anything this year? Even the most ardent Homer has to expect Atlanta to stink up the Georgia Dome.

* Wins by week: Minnesota (1), Houston (4), Tennessee (5), Tampa Bay (11), Tampa Bay (15)
* Loses by week: Jacksonville (2), Carolina (3), NY Giants (6), New Orleans (7), San Francisco (9), Carolina (10), Indianapolis (12), St. Louis (13), New Orleans (14), Arizona (16), Seattle (17)

5-11 is actually pretty generous. I am assuming that Tampa Bay will suck, Minnesota will have QB issues, Houston will not be significantly improved, and even the magic of Vince will not be enough for Tennessee to win. Trouble is definitely ahead.

At this point I thought ATL would be 3-2, instead we get an abysmal 1-4 record. How do you lose when the other team has five turnovers? These guys are pitiful. Looking for wins down the road? Take the two Tampa Bay games off the board. Are we really looking at a 1-15 record? Maybe there is hope against New Orleans (what happened to them this year), and St. Louis, but that is not really much in the way of hope. Don’t hold your breath for much improvement; it is going to be a long, long season.


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