Dumb PSP Design

So I spent some time playing my PSP tonight and finally decided to see if there was a new firmware update.  There was, so I did the usual download.  Then I went to apply it, and could not because my batty was not charged up, which was to be expected since the darn things only last a handful of hours.

I pulled out my power adaptor, but still no dice.  The update requires my battery to be fully charged.  WTF?  Not sure what the battery has to do with it if I am using the adaptor.

I also played WipeOut Pure for the first time in months.  I went to the download section, but for some reason the game would not let me use my network connection.  A few months ago I upgraded my router and changed from WEP security to WAP.  Not sure if the game did not recognize my network profile due to the game not supporting WAP or if at some point one of the firmware upgrades disabled the option.  It is strange because I can browse the internet, download firmware updates, etc with the WAP enabled profile.  Strange stuff.


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