Falcons vs. Jaguars (and some Madden)

Three quick points. First, it does not matter if Vick learns to stay in the pocket, rolls out, becomes a West Coast Master, etc. If the o-line does not learn to block Vick is going to have his freaking head knocked off. Second, for the second week in a row Atlanta’s first string offensive has looked pretty good. Vick is making good decisions, and Dunn has looked extremely impressive. Third, the Falcons’ secondary is too damn small. Hall may turn out to be impressive, but the rest of the guys are just not going to cut it if ATL is to make tracks this year.

Madden punt watch is on: the punting game appears to be fairly broken (I know, this after my last post) so I figured I would pay special attention to the punts tonight to see what happens. First punt (Falcons to Jaguars) the returner is drilled; this looks exactly like Madden. Second punt goes in the end zone. Third punt, plenty of running room for Rossum, but a block in the back cancels the play out. End of the first quarter, so maybe more to come.


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