To slim or not to slim? PSP update.

I have been debating picking up a new PSP Slim; the Star Wars PSP Slim limited edition bundle looks pretty cool, but at $200 can I afford something just because it looks cool? I have not checked on eBay to see how much my original PSP can fetch, but I figure it should be good for at least $75, which means I could get the Star Wars PSP Slim bundle or maybe the Daxter PSP Slim bundle for about $125. The real question is can I get my money’s worth from an upgrade?

I am planning on getting the new Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron games, which at $40 is a good reason to pick up the Star Wars PSP Slim limited edition bundle, making it about $85 (sell original PSP for $75 and Renegade Squadron by itself is $40). I am also fairly committed to Dungeons & Dragons Tactics, which despite poor mega site reviews, has received fairly positive user praise on metacritic.

I am also strongly considering Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, which was a great game on the PSX and pretty good on the GBA. Maybe I could sell my long forgotten GBA version for a few bucks? I am sure I can throw out “rare” or “collectors item” to pick up a few more bones.

I still think I need a football game, so Madden NFL 08 looms (should have gotten it for $12 off at Circuit City last week), but I am going to try to hold off on this one as long as possible. I think it may be better as a b-day or Christmas present. Madden 07 was not that bad, but I think I like to have quick pick up and play experiences, which probably contradicts the whole D&D Tactics and FF Tactics debate.

I finally played Tiger Woods 2007 (purchased it several months ago), and it looks like a solid game. Once upon a time I was a big video game golf fan, but I have not checked out a Tiger Woods game in years. I am not sure if it is an indication of my PSP or the actual game, but it locked up twice during my profile creation and a third time while loading the tutorial. Previous versions of Madden locked up, so maybe it is an EA Sports game issue?

I did not really play enough Tiger Woods to comment on the game, but I guess it does not matter much since Tiger Woods 2008 is out. The charter generation system is deep, the graphics look pretty, and the controls are fairly straight forward. This may actually be the type of game I need for traveling.

From a sports standpoint, the only titles I still own are WipeOut Pure (great futuristic racing title – but fringe at best as a sports game), Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution 2007, and of course Tiger Woods 2007. At some point I will probably pick up TOCA Race Driver 2, but I have not been in a rush to add a new racing title; just not so sure they play well on the go.

So if I go with a Slim, it is going to cost me money up front until I clear some items on eBay, but the major disadvantages are that I already have an extra battery, a Logictech case, and a screen protector (LCD stick-on cover) for my current PSP. I am not sure I can justify a new system plus three news games over four news games for less than the Slim bundles.

I need to make a decision tonight because I want the games in time for my FL trip Wednesday night. Will post an update later.


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