Same Old Song and Dance

Whenever I disappear for several days, it is always the same old song and dance.  Something at work usually pops up and distracts me from gaming and blogging for several days.  Work plus after work activities (that would be beer) keep me away from you, my eager readers; all two or three of you.  It is funny how much work gets done, and how many important decisions get made, over drinks.  Way of the world I guess.

Not sure what this week will be like.  I always run low on gaming on weeks before I travel, so I assume this week will be no different as I get ready to jet to Scotland next weekend.  Flight-time is PSP-time, but I just have not been feeling it lately for the PSP.  I am considering dumping it for a Nintendo DS, but there is not enough time to get this sorted before the trip.  Maybe some sort of new game will do me right, but I kind of doubt it.

Today is Brickyard day, which means ribs and beer in a little while.  Of course I take any excuse I can find to bust out the grill and throw on some quality BBQ.  And delicious Miller Lite on a hot day.  Yum.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Same Old Song and Dance”

  1. Hey, found your blog from the IOSBL site. Good stuff here.

    Stick with your PSP. My kids have DSs and unless you are really into Pokemon, the quality of games isn’t there. Typical Nintendo kid stuff. And I don’t like the quality of the hardware. Just my 2c.

    I’m sure you’ve played Lumines, if not, get it.

    The Gensis collection is pretty solid, a lot of games and good nostalgia.

  2. Whereabouts in Scotland are you headed? I’m heading to the USA this Saturday so I’m not likely to stick my head around the door, just curious as to where you’ll be.

    As a point of interest, it’s finally summer-ish here. No rain, or not as much rain, and not cold, or not as cold. Your timing is pretty good.

  3. Adam – did not see your msg until today. I was in Edinburgh for several days for client meetings, then I headed down to York for a couple of days to visit our UK office. It was a long, but good trip. Edinburgh was fantastic – really a great city. York was nice, small, and homey. Plenty of good beer all around.

    Tim – thanks for the comments. Lumines is one of the best puzzle games around. I just have not been “feeling” it lately for my PSP, but there are some nice games out for the system. Winning Eleven, Madden (have not played this year’s version yet), WipeOut, and MLB are all fine games, and probably better than any sports games that the DS can offer.

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