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Tomorrow Charter is adding ESPN2 HD, so more and more HD broadcasts are in my future. Too bad ESPN2 HD is not arriving in time for opening day, but it is a long season.

NL Quick Picks: Braves take the East (homer pick, sue me), Cardinals in the Central, Dodgers in the West, and the Wildcard goes to the Mets.

AL Quick Picks: Yankees take the East, Tigers in the Central, Angels in the West, and the Wildcard goes to the Red Sox (just barely over the Indians).

Still hope to find a few minutes to write a little more about the upcoming season, and why I think the Braves will rebound in a big way.

If you cannot tell, I absolutely love watching sporting events broadcast in HD, so I will watch today’s Martinsville race on FOX HD. My wife and the kids are sick and tired of me switching back and forth between HD and standard broadcasts, but you can really tell the difference with race broadcasts. As I have previously mentioned, March Madness has been phenomenal. I have even watched a few minutes of HD NHL and HD NBA, not that I think I will be a fan of either, but HD is TV worth watching.

What is up with poor Michael Waltrip? What a horrible season for any team owner and racer to withstand. JPM is in the Top 20; Montoya will get better and better as the season progresses, so maybe some front runner will mess up, allowing JPM to slip into the back half of the Chase mix. Crazy talk.

My wife hates the 80’s; pretty much everything about the 80’s, especially the music. Naturally I had to put together an “80’s guilty pleasures mix” and “80’s soul mix” to drive my wife nuts.

The first iTunes play list features Fleetwood Mac “Greatest Hits”, Ratt “Out of the Cellar”, Tracy Chapman’s self titled debut, and a few random singles such as Sister Christian (Night Ranger), Mr. Roboto (Styx), Here I Go Again (Whitesnake), Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison), Janie’s Got a Gun (Aerosmith), and a couple of Culture Club tunes (I did call this one “guilty pleasures” for a reason).

The second iTunes play list really drives my wife crazy. Brick House and Nightshift (The Commodores), White Lines (Grandmaster Flash), Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye), Apache (The Sugarhill Gang), and the 12″ Collection (Gap Band). The Party Train starts here … OK, maybe not, but this is really a fun list for a run around the park.

Chris switched the IOSBL to OOTPB 2007 … and life is good. I am just touching the surface of the 2007 edition of OOTPB, but it is easy to recommend a buy for this one. If you left OOTPB in the past (say after the 6.5 release), or if you have always been curious about baseball simulations, you should check out the free demo.

I was trying to think of some reason to slip in a cheap beer reference (there is always a reason to talk about cheap beer), but I am going to have to wait until lunch for some real life inspiration.


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