Three more worthless bowls

Another day brings us three more bowls filled with mediocrity, and uninspiring match ups.  The first three bowls this year have proved not so much fun for college football fans.  I think we could have all done with out these match-ups; maybe scrap all three games and give us TCU vs. BYU, which would have been a lot more appealing. 

On to today’s games.  First up is the Bowl featuring South Florida vs. East Carolina.  To be honest I do not know a lot about either school, but how can I go for purple pirates?  Besides, South Florida is probably the second best team in their state, so USF is the pick.

Next up, we are blessed with the New Mexico Bowl featuring New Mexico (at 6-6 they really deserve this invitation) vs. San Jose State.  I am going to go with New Mexico, only because I have to make a pick, and playing at home has to be worth something.  But seriously, why even both scheduling this bowl game?

Finally we have the Armed Forces Bowl, which features Tulsa vs. Utah.  I guess this one could be interesting, if both offenses get their game on, but once again you have to ask why play this game?  I am sure it is important to the schools and their respective fans, but what is the point?  I would rather watch tonight’s NFL match-up then this garbage, but alas, I do not have the NFL Network.  Tulsa is the pick.

I am 2-1 with my picks, so do not bet the farm or anything.  Besides, with match-ups like these, it is more about flipping a coin then scientific prognostication.


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