Ratings System

I think we all knew that I could not make it very long without spouting off about this, that, and the other. As I have said elsewhere, lack of an opinion and things to write about was never an issue. Instead I grew weary of the current format – detailed, unbiased content is one thing, but I no longer have the time or desire to write reviews that are so damn long that your head starts to spin half-way home.

For now, whenever I feel like writing about videogames and whatnot, the following will be my overly simple rating system:

Buy – Buy; worth spending your hard-earned duckets on this product.
Rent – Rent; a cheap “look-see” is a good idea because your cash may be better spent on something else.
Dud – Dud; a can of beans on the discount rack is a better buy then this steaming pile of sh^+.


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