Playing the Ratings Game

I really enjoy The Sporting News, but I never understand why they are so afraid to give some honest-to-goodness ratings. Take the August 11, 2006 issue as an example of ratings that just do not matter, or maybe just do not make sense. On page 50 of the Inside the AFC quarterbacks unit analysis, the Jets received the lowest rating of C-. The Jets did co-share honors with the Bill and Browns, but that is not really the point. The description of the Jet’s QB situation follows:

When you have four QBs competing for the starting job, you don’t have a quarterback.

Fair enough, but why not rate the Jets as F or D? Seriously, if the author thinks it is that bad, why not have the ratings reflect accordingly? The Sporting News always pulls the punches when it comes to rating. I just do not get it.


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