Sid Meier shows some PS3 love

PS3 Fanboy posted an article about Sid Meier’s desire to shift focus to console gaming, specifically the PS3. The column ends with this gem:

“Now, before people take to the streets and start screaming about how Civilization couldn’t work with a controller, keep in mind that he has not specified at all what his next-gen projects are. Also keep in mind that the PlayStation 3 supports bluetooth keyboards/mice as well as the obvious USB support. So if Civilization did come out for the PS3, there’s no reason to automatically assume he would ‘dumb it down’ for consoles. Still, it’s much more likely that we’ll see entirely new games released, though you can pretty much be guaranteed sure they’ll carry at least a shred of the classic tactical style gameplay he’s known for.”

Interesting. I have Civilization II for the PSX. If that system can handle a Civilization game, I fell certain that the PS3 can make do without too many worries.


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