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Crap. Out of the Park Baseball 2006 does not work with online leagues after patch #2. The import/export process simply doesn’t work. I continue to marvel at the apparent lack of a beta testing online league somewhere (anywhere) that SI can test these things with. I want to thank part of the online community that is taking it upon itself to test the game before commissioners waste any time trying to get this thing up and running.

It doesn’t help the situation, but you could see this coming a mile away. Sports Interactive knew zero about online leagues before Markus came aboard and does not know how to test their games’ online league functions. That’s a harsh statement, but nothing they’ve done these past weeks leads me to believe otherwise. Yes, the whole zipped league file FTP function is nice, but if you can’t run a league because basic things are broken with the import/export process, who cares?

So when the game finally works, I’ll return to it. I’m not wasting hours of my life setting up leagues only to be frustrated that they can’t work online. My suggestion for people sitting on the fence is that they NOT buy OOTPB 2006 at this point. There are already enough paying beta testers out there, so no sense in adding yourself to the process until a functional product is released.


4 thoughts on “Still Waiting”

  1. Chris, you seem to be in the minority on this issue and I’d like to help get it sorted. Can you mail me your files so we can check it out

  2. This seems to be some sort of server setting that the game does not like, all the servers we tried during testing worked. We’re looking into it again…

  3. Chris

    I dont want you to beta test or anything but I would like you to check out a new version of the game with online league fixes in for your server.

    Can you contact me to discuss please.


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