Raikkonen helps Ferrari take Malaysian.

I found myself watching the first half of the Malaysian Grand Prix thanks to being up at 3AM EST with my youngest son. I love watching Kimi, and while I did not stay up to watch him seal the deal, it was nice to wake up Easter morning to news that Ferrari ran out front.

After reading some race recap news, it looks like Massa threw away a perfectly good race by spinning into the kitty litter

Massa’s mistake will infuriate the Scuderia as the team looked set for a one-two finish with team-mate Kimi Raikkonen claiming an effortless victory.

I will be glad when the show moves on to Bahrain in a couple of weeks so I can watch some F1 at a decent hour. I am curious to see (while I am actually awake and not so groggy) how the removal of traction control affects the drivers. I assume that the new fuel rules (start races with end of qualification fuel levels) will have some affect on race strategy.


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