Thursday Night Random Stuffs

Not a lot of time for blogging of late, but I have a few minutes for some random stuffs (yes, with an s).

  • Speaking of not enough time, I have not seen a whole lot of March Madness, but tonight’s Kansas/Southern Illinois has been fantastic.  Have to love the 1080i on the Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500.
  • MLB 2007 The Show (PSP) has some absolutely crap load times.  Second generation game, WFT?  Seems like a familiar theme for Sony.
  • Speaking of MLB 2007, just got my free promotional Braves cap.  I would have been happy with the hat if not for the cheesy “MLB 2007 The Show” logo.
  • Just download OOTPB 2007 … hope to convert a 2006 and 6.5 test league, do a historical sim or two and otherwise have some fun.
  • If Chris follows-up on his Smackdown Comparison, Chris should figure out a way to “cash out” on the article because it will have to be damn impressive.  Cannot wait!
  • Last night I almost played WoW for the first time in weeks, but Joseph started crying (gas pains I suppose), so I could not pat his back, and move my man (so to speak).  Maybe this weekend.
  • The weather in these parts is awesome.  Maybe upper 50s in the morning and upper 70s in the afternoon.  Too bad it will only last for a couple of weeks, and the pollen has started.  The yard work has also started.  Oh, never mind.
  • Currently enjoying Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale and Amstel Light.

More stuffs later, especially if I actually have some quality OOTPB 2007 time, but for now I am all out of words.


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