UK retailers not sold on the PSP Go.

According the MCV, UK retailers are lukewarm on the PSP Go. Understandably their concern is over the price, and of course, what is in it for them?

CHIPS joint-MD Don McCabe added: “Customer reaction to PSPgo is currently a no-go. I can’t see anybody going for it if Sony confirm a high price tag. If we get customers through the door we will sell it, but that remains to be seen.”

If there is any retailer money to be made with the PSP Go it is clearly in accessories and PSN prepaid cards, although I am sure Sony receives a chunk of revenue from the cards.

The article also indicates that UK retailers do not expect many PSP owners to upgrade to the Go format, and they expect to do a strong PSP and UMD holiday sales cycle.

My opinion? If the PSP Go were priced at $199 I would have already pre-ordered one.


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