Madness! What happened?

Last night was the first time I had a chance to watch any significant amount of games for this year’s tournament.  I was out of the country last Thursday, and the first weekend back after being out of town for a while was not going to pay off for me.  So fast forward (or rewind) to last night.

I got to watch most of the Kansas/Southern Illinois game, which was a real treat, followed by CBS switching to the final few minutes of Memphis pulling a fast one on Texas A&M.

Then we get the Tennessee/Ohio State game, which was a complete fiasco for the Buckeyes.  At least it was when I went to bed – Tennessee was up by 17 at the half.  I figured no way they are coming back.  Ohio State wins 85-84?  Choke job by the Volunteers or major comeback by the Buckeyes?  Madness.


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