I just got my copy of Eddie Murphy’s Delirious DVD from Amazon.  Man, what a great stand-up act Mr. Murphy was back in the day.  I just watched this great DVD a few minutes ago, and while the language was a little too much for my wife (Tonya left a few minutes after the fag jokes), this DVD is just brilliant.  Long before we had to worry about political correctness (I just said fag), Murphy went after various topics like there was no tomorrow – gays, AIDS, racism, sexual topics (he is right about 18-year old boys), and so on and so forth.  Good stuff!

It was a little disappointing that there was not much more than the Delirious footage; you would think the DVD could have held more extras, SNL footage, something.  Some limited extras (Buckwheat thing was funny) and an interesting interview with Mr. Murphy says that he “might” do stand-up again one day, are included; really nothing to write home about.

I have not seen Delirious for at least 10 years so I was happy to see it again, and while I wish there were more extras, this DVD was well worth the $14.98 (DVD plus shipping) that I spent.


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