3G Vita Looks Worse By The Day …

Thankfully I have the Wi-Fi and 3G orders on preorder. I say thankfully, because it is looking more and more like the 3G version is going to be an absolute dud.

The recent Japanese pricing plans look weak, and the announced 20mb file size download cap also looks suspect. Then again, maybe the cap is to make sure that everyone does not blow their monthly wad in one sitting.

I’ll keep both on preorder with Amazon until the official US AT&T 3G Vita rates and plans are announced.

Speaking of Amazon, I think I have Fire in my belly. I am strongly considering at least one Kindle Fire for the family in the guise of a Christmas present.

I know the Fire is a limited version of a full android, but that’s OK. I’ve been an Amazon Prime custom since day one, and this would just compliment the service and provide an easy extra household browsing option.


One thought on “3G Vita Looks Worse By The Day …”

  1. Have you seen the memory card pricing?

    Have to wonder how useful 3G will be for gaming. Even with turn-based games on iPhone, 3G is noticeably slower. It might be good for uploading trophies and stuff but wonder about using it for console-quality online games.

    Even browsing is poor on 3G and forget about video streaming of any quality. Maybe by the time it comes out, it will be on HSPA+ network at a minimum.

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