Understanding Why the Cone is Realistic

Anybody that has played five minutes of football at the high school or higher level understands why the cone used in Madden is very realistic. Heck, every player has such “cones” on the field and it is the hardest thing to adjust to when starting to play football. As a receiver, I always had to remember to use my field of vision and not get lulled into sleep because of the way the helmet restricts your ability to see left and right. Many times a defensive player would appear at my side and I wouldn’t see him until his pad was making contact with my torso.

Same with QBs. They too are restricted by the helmet and what their field of vision allows them to see. Some are better at viewing receivers down the field and others are not. So kudos to EA Sports for trying to model this in Madden.

I suggest people like Bill Harris try putting on a football helmet and making a pass down the field to four or five streaking wide receivers. Their complaints about cones might cease. The execution of the field of vision feature can be improved, but I certainly like the concept.


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