WoW Convert

It is official.  I am a WoW addict.  So says my wife.  The last couple of days I have played with several groups of people, the most memorable of which was a five-party team (mage/myself, rouge, hunter, warrior, and another mage) and a three-party team (mage/myself, and two hunters).  The game is leaps and bounds more fun when playing with a group.  It is not that is that bad of a game when going solo, but playing in a group (at least a good group) is a great experience.

I have been playing WoW at the expense of every other game in my library.  It is so bad that I am seriously considering a major closet cleaning, and just keeping to a few basic games that I “have to have” when I am not playing WoW.

It is still hit or miss when joining a group; you never know what you are going to get.  When the experience is – let’s say ‘mature’ – then there are rich rewards (not to be confused with loot), but when the group is not so ‘mature’ then it just down right sucks.

My only other real complaint is that I accidentally mailed some items to one of my other characters, but I misspelled the name, so someone else got my mail!  That pretty much sucks, and the WoW support was not much help.  They said there was nothing I could do, but the mail may be returned after 30-days if undelivered.  I guess it is not that big a deal; I just figured a couple of items would be worth more to my hunter and priest compared to the silver it would fetch my mage on the Auction House.  Life goes on.

I am not sure where addicts sign up, but I can see me spending some serious time with this game.  The game is plenty deep, so there is always something to learn, and there is a wealth of info available on various web sites.  The one thing I have not discovered is the secret to finding good groups and a good guild.  I suppose that will come with time.


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