Friday Blues

I had a long day yesterday, with an early morning production build to support at work. You would think that would translate into a great night of sleep, but nope, I have been up for a while now. Too bad, because I am exhausted. I guess four nights in a row of beer will do that to someone on the bad side of 35.

I watched a little of the Cavs/Spurs game last night; only because it was in HD, but the game did not seem that interesting. I do not know what the NBA is going to do to get back the casual fan. They need something compelling to happen soon, specifically in the finals, but longer term, the league needs go do something because the LeBron factor did not suck me into the game last night. If it were not for HD, I would not have watched any of the game.

I wonder if the search of Vick’s house turned up a regular pet cemetery. I cannot believe how silent the league and the Falcons have been on the issue. I know they cannot be judge and jury (that is the job of the media and us blog writers), but smoke equals fire.

Speaking of the Falcons, I noticed that they picked up my draft post, but I doubt you will see them pick up any of my comments about Vick. Seriously, he is toast.

I hope to have some more time to game this weekend. I have not touched the PS3 as much as I would have liked to this week, I have not spent any time with WoW, and I have not picked up the latest PSP firmware (I think it is out now). I really need to figure out this media streaming thing from my laptop to the PS3 and over to the PSP. I think I am going to be in the UK again the early part of July, and it would be awesome to access some content from my PS3 and PC.

Happy Friday!


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