Wii Sports – Good Family Entertainment?

While I wait, and debate if I should get a Wii, I thought this article from Infendo was interesting

“I witnessed something miraculous today. My sister, who rarely plays games, whooped butt in tennis. My mom smiled as she threw a spare in bowling. My dad, a man who I’ve never seen play a game in his life, beat my mom at bowling by getting four strikes in a row. I underestimated Nintendo. I wondered if their whole anyone-can-play strategy was simply marketing hooey. I was wrong, and Nintendo was right. If my family was playing games today after Thanksgiving lunch, Nintendo’s future is brighter than the Wii’s blue light on its brightest setting.”

The more I read, the more interested I am in getting a Wii, but I keep telling myself “wait until next year” … I really want to see what else Nintendo is going to do with this thing before springing for their latest system.


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