Comments Back On

I turned comments back on after doing some research of the most recent hack attack to hit Calvert Games. This time it was not personal. That was actually a relief. Some form of a nasty spambot left all sorts of casino comments – I guess the hacker of the spambot gets referral fees or something if someone clicks on their links.

Anyway, now that I know it was not a vicious sort of personal attack, I have decided to re-enable comments. Of course if I get hit again I will have to take different measures such as only allow registered users to post. At this point I do not see any real benefit to having registered users, but I guess that could change down the road.

For those users that also have a blog that uses nucleus, here is the plug-in/fix I have used to (hopefully) reduce spam attacks in the future: NP_Blacklist.

Here is to keeping my fingers crossed that future comments are meaningful and not full of spam!


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