Dawgs to roast some Duck?

Lately I have really been enjoying Dawg Sports. The site’s layout and navigation model is poorly put together (as if I have room to talk), but I enjoy the articles. For example, take this beauty

Coach Riley is right . . . it would be a big deal for the Bulldogs to visit Reser Stadium, for the Red and Black very nearly as much so as for the home team. A Seattle newspaper columnist recently wrote of Georgia that the ‘Dawgs are “notorious for refusing to travel outside the Southeast.” Historically, of course, this is not true, but that marks two occasions on which folks from the Pacific Northwest have characterized Georgia as “notorious.”

For a team allegedly prejudiced against the West, Georgia sure seems willing to schedule games against squads from that region. Counting contests already played or scheduled and those for which negotiations are ongoing, the Bulldogs have faced or will face opponents from the Pacific and mountain time zones in 2005 (Boise State), 2006 (Colorado), 2007 (Oregon State), 2008 (Arizona State), 2009 (Arizona State), 2010 (Colorado), 2011 (Oregon State), 2014 (Oregon), and 2017 (Oregon State), in addition to a future date with the Ducks in either 2015 or 2016.

If the contracts with both Beaver State schools come to pass, the ‘Dawgs will play five different Western teams a total of 10 times in a 13-season span, with four of those games being played on the road in Boulder, Corvallis, Eugene, and Tempe. Such scheduling should silence the critics who charge the Bulldogs with insular provincialism and an East Coast bias.

Good stuff!

I have long lamented for the Dawgs to upgrade their opposition, but I was looking more towards Ohio State, Texas, and the like, NOT Devils, Ducks, and Beavers (not that beavers are bad, but I digress and of course could not resist). I guess anything is better than Western KY.


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