Bowl Bound Grumbling

Potential customers of Grey Dog Software’s Bowl Bound College Football are starting to post angry messages in the forums. At issue is the lack of information about the progress of the game and missed shipping deadlines. Grey Dog has released a grand total of six screenshots showing various game functions. My spider senses are tingling. It could very well be that Arlie Rahn is working hard and will ship a great product.

Or maybe not.

We can only hope that Mr. Rahn learned from some extremely poor performances with .400 Software Studious. So I am happy that Grey Dog isn’t releasing broken software and selling it at full price. We just don’t know when Bowl Bound will see the light of day.


One thought on “Bowl Bound Grumbling”

  1. Chris – I hope Arlie waits to release the game until it is in good order. His previous pro football game was very interesting and at times somewhat fun, but no one wants to pay full price to be an alpha tester.

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