I love reading in various emails and forums about how Out of the Park Baseball 2006 is unplayable as an online league game. Even the most liberal commissioners are staying away from the game because there is this feeling permeating the online community that OOTPB 2006 is “just awful” (I paraphrase about ten emails).


Sadly the notion that OOTPB 2006 can’t be played online is a myth generated by initial reports about the game when it could not, in fact, be played online. This has all changed since the last official patch. The main group now feeling the online pinch are Mac users who are experiencing FTP issues with file uploads.

My league continues down the path toward full OOTPB 2006 implementation. The biggest headache so far has been OOTP 6.5 and contraction. We started converting our league logos to OOTPB 2006 png circular format. The only hold up is the contraction draft, which should end by this weekend.

More to follow…


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