Winning Eleven 9 (PSP)

I had a few minutes to get in a quick game, which is certainly not enough to judge the game as a whole. With that said, just one game was enough for me to determine that the pace of the game and spacing of players was better than the dozen of games I spent with the first PSP FIFA (I am taking a pass on FIFA 06).

Believe me, I have done plenty of FIFA justification over the years, but WE9 is a whole new type of soccer – fans of soccer and portable gaming should be pretty happy. I lost my first game (US vs. Poland) 0-1 pretty handedly. I hardly had any build-up, possession, or shots on goal. I blame that on not reading the game, and trying to figure out the controls on the fly.

On a non-gameplay note, the load times seem rather long. Getting into the game takes a while, and pausing the game to get to the various option screens took several seconds. I have not seen this in any other PSP games, but there is an option to save battery life – looks like it turns off music, crowd noise, and maybe other secondary sound items. I used to have time to figure out if we were talking about a few minutes of battery life, or gaining an extra hour; will be interesting to see what the die-hards find.

More to come as I have more time to play and post.


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  1. Nice. I guess I should not complain about anything less than a minute. :)

    Good thing wrestling is not my cup of tea.

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