Men’s Warehouse Sucks

This week has been fairly crazy; not much time for gaming or blogging. Touching on sports; boo-hiss, the US sucked on Monday. I teach my kids to clear to the sidelines. How hard is that? The Dawgs somehow escaped from the clutches of the mighty chickens from USC (that is the University of South Carolina around these parts).

Team USA’s chances the rest of the way? Not so good. A couple of weeks ago I told a couple of guys at work that I did not think we would escape group play, but I certainly thought we would look better in the process of going down. I am a homer and all, but man we looked bad. I was really hopeful that we would advance out of group play, but certainly not expecting that we would advance. After Monday.? I guess we will get ’em in another four years.

You have to like GA’s chances going into the CWS. They are on a major roll, playing great when their backs are against that wall thing everyone talks about. I do not like opening against Rice, but I think the Dawgs are going to make a pretty good showing.

I am traveling to the UK next week, and the client I am visiting is fairly formal. Time to get a new suit. I decided I would try Men’s Warehouse. Not such a good idea. First off, the guy wants to measure me, but I told him I already know my size. He insisted on a 39; I told him he was nuts. Of course I try on a 39 and it is far too short and tight. After we get a proper fitting for a jacket I am told about the great “2 suits for $500 deal.” “No thanks. I do not want to spend $500 today. I just want this suit.” Hardheaded SOB. Nope, that will not do. The dude proceeds to tell me that “Some people are afraid to mix and match jackets with their suits. I should look at some of these jackets.” Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. WTF is wrong with these people? I just want the suit.

Would it end there? Nope. I get fitted for my pants, but the guy insists on a 36-inch waist. Not going to work I tell him, but does the little jerk listen? Nope. OK, so I try on the pants, and guess what? Not such a good fit. So they get all the marks down and adjustments in hand. After I come out of the dressing room, just by chance they have several jackets that “would look really good with your pants.” So I tell the guy that I only want this suit. He insists that I try on some of these jackets. I politely tell him “no thanks.” He tells me again about the great “2 for $500 deal” and pretty much looks at me like a stupid ass jerk for not taking the plunge on the sale.

On the way to pay for my suit, there is one more used car effort – a whole table lined with shirts, ties, socks, etc. I tell the guy in a not so nice manner that I only want the suit. He tells me that “I may have some ideas that you did not think about before.” What a f’ing looser. I know it is not sales guy’s fault (they have to coach them for this kind of stuff), but I cannot stand this type of crap.

The final straw in this story (or I would not be warning others right now) is that I later noticed that I was charged $10 to alter the waist of my pants. WTF? I told the guy up front that he should start with a smaller size. It is so hard to get good help these days, and I can honestly say that I will not be a regular in the local Men’s Warehouse. Their approach sucks.


6 thoughts on “Men’s Warehouse Sucks”

  1. hehe, I guess I should disclose that my sister is a big time planner for one of the Mens Warehouse companies and she lives in Atlanta, so I’ll pass along your customer feedback :-).

  2. Chris, I would love for you to pass along my feedback to your sister. As it stands, I would rather pay another $100 for a suit than go back to the Men’s Warehouse.

    I will even go so far as to send you my phone number, and your sister can call me if she wants more detailed feedback.

    I was not impressed with the service. :(

  3. Funny. If you actually read the article you will understand that the whole point was that I think Mens Warehouse’s approach sucks. The alteration charge of $10 was cheap; however if the sales nut would have listened to me there would not have been any need for alterations.

  4. i had the same experience. once they get you in the door they do nothing but up-sell you, throwing stuff at you that is very overpriced. the fit on the alterations they did was terrible and I, as well, would not have needed so many alterations had they not steered me to a suit and pants that were way too big to begin with. Ultimately, after wearing the suits a few times I found them to be cheap and overpriced, ill-fitting, and cheesy. I wont go back. This is strictly a shop for prom and funeral customers.

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