A Retort

I must say that I’m a bit frustrated seeing people slamming OOTPB 2006 in the OOTP forums when (a) never seen them post before and/or (b) they just joined the OOTP community. But I think the following post by “mhs635″ in response sums up my opinion:

“The mistake you [Marc Duffy] made was underestimating the sense of entitlement a select few would get from preordering. They not only recieved a discount but felt they should be handed over the reigns to your entire company, move into your house, become you pet’s favorite person and be allowed to always drink the last can of soda or beer in your fridge.

Then the next mistake was not seeing that there were a few people out there who expected the game to be exactly the same as the past 7 versions but with prettier pictures. Despite the fact that they have known for 2 years now that this version was going to be a completely new model.

Then you underestimated the amount of people who because of one minor little problem or because something they liked 3 years ago doesn’t work exactly the same way would throw out the laughable “this game is unplayable” comment.

I applaud your patience Mark”

If you cannot see the brilliance in OOTPB 2006, then we just aren’t fans of the same types of games. There are problems that are being addressed as I type this, but good grief. Thank goodness that the majority of people who purchased the game are happily discovering every cool nugget within OOTPB 2006. And waiting for the next patch…


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