MLB 12: The Show PS3 + Vita $20 Off Offer

Amazon finally decided to start offering the Sony incentive to save $20 when purchasing the PS3 and Vita version of MLB 12: The Show during the same transaction.

Take The Show on the road. For a limited time, save $20 when you buy both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 versions of “MLB 12: The Show.” Save your Season, Franchise, or Road to The Show progress in between games, and upload to the PlayStation Network with your PS3 or PS VITA, anywhere at any time.

Amazon is reporting that this offer expires on April 10, so get it while it is still hot off the press and prior to opening day.

Color me happy; this is a great deal. I really had no intention of getting both, and was debating the merits of getting just the Vita version … then this happy deal sang a song of irresistible purchase to me. Can’t hold back …

Strangely enough, at least to me, the PS3 version received release day shipping, but not the Vita version.

After receiving my email receipt from Amazon, I noticed something strong. The $20 discount didn’t apply directly to the Vita version. While the actual amount of $79.99 was correct, the Vita version received an $8 discount while the PS3 version received a $12 discount.

As I said strange. I am looking forward to some MLB action and then taking my game from the PS3 to the Vita and back to the PS3. Looks like MLB heaven is coming later this week.

[Edit:  Amazon now lets me select release day delivery for the Vita version, but it still has the screwy $8 discount.]


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