The Plot Thickens

Many online owners greeted OOTP 2006’s news about league file conversion with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it seems that players and their ratings can be imported with no problem. On the other hand, some league history information will not be imported. My sources tell me that folks are probably overreacting a bit to the general history limitations since only things like who won the MVP won’t import. Probably the biggest whining is about the absence of minor league career stats.

I think everybody should push away from their computers and take a deep breath.

These missing import features are no deal breakers for online leagues. We don’t even keep our almanac files from OOTP 6.5. The IOSBL uses the Cato history to keep track of our multiple seasons. Even if we do have historical gaps, I think most online leagues will prefer to move over their existing league files to OOTP 2006 (and the still importable Major League level statistical history).

Let’s wait and see what May 31st brings us before everyone starts panicking about what is or is not in the game. I will be much more concerned about simming accuracy than whether or not I can find out who won the Cy Young in 2012 in my online league.


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