Red, Black, and 0-2

Tough loss last night for the Dawgs; South Carolina 45 – 42 Georgia. On many levels I did not expect Georgia to win, but I never expected the Bulldogs to virtually give the game away.

In every game there are always several ‘what ifs’ …

Walsh, one of the best FG kickers in the country missed a 33 yard FG attempt that would have put Georgia up 9-0. What if he did not go wide left?

  • What if the refs didn’t call UGA off-sides when the Dawgs recovered a surprise on-side kick?
  • What if true freshman Isaiah Crowell doesn’t fumble the ball away with Georgia up 20-14 and driving?
  • What if Georgia’s o-line could actually block and doesn’t completely miss an assignment allowing SC to cream Murray, force a fumble, and put SC up by 10 with 3 minutes and change left in the game?


Ultimately, taking nothing away from South Carolina (I could still call ‘em the Fighting Chickens, but why bother), the Dawgs gift wrapped a win for South Carolina.

It sucks to already start looking towards next year.


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